Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lea Massari - 1933

Lea Massari is an Italian actress born 30 June 1933 in Rome. She turned many in France in the 70s with major directors such as Louis Malle: she played the incestuous mother's heart murmur which caused a scandal when it was released. But she is best known through his many roles in popular films with leading actors like Lino Ventura. In another words After a wealthy family, Anna-Maria Massatini takes the name Leah in memory of her fiancé Leo died at the age of 22. She left Italy for Switzerland, where she studied architecture. She became assistant designer Piero Gherardi and noted by Mario Monicelli while working on the set of one of his films. He offers her the female lead in the From Blood in the Sun (1956).Despite his lack of training as an actress, Lea Massari demonstrated a great talent for dramatic roles.

She turns to the camera Italian directors such as Mauro Bolognini, Dino Risi (A hard life in 1961), Sergio Leone (The Colossus of Rhodes 1961) but the role of Anna, the missing of L'Avventura (1960) in Michelangelo Antonioni who reveals to the public.
From the 70s, Lea Massari happening on the other side of the Alps. For his first French film by Alain Cavalier The Crossfire (1964), she starred with Alain Delon she end up in an Italian film Valerio Zurlini, Professor (1972). She plays under the direction of Claude Sautet (The Things of Life 1970) and a scandal in the role of an incestuous mother in the Heart Breath of Louis Malle (1971). But it is particularly known for the most popular films (The 7th target 1984) where she assists actors such as Lino Ventura.

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