Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Laura Harring - 1964


Laura Harring (born Laura Elena Herring Martínez; March 3, 1964) is an American actress and former Miss USA (1985). Ever since astounding audiences associated critics alike together with her breakthrough performance in David Lynch's award winning "Mulholland Drive" that she received an Alma Award for Outstanding role player in an exceedingly movie, Laura Harring has been one in every of Hollywoods hottest rising stars. The International Herald apsis compared her to Ava Gardner and film critic, Roger Ebert likened her to Rita Hayworth.Born in an exceedingly village in North American nation, Laura or "Laurita" as her family known as her, grew up a very back similarly as a reclusive fragile missy. Sick most of her childhood, Laura's mother found another medical doctor that helped Laura pass though the unhealthiness and this reworked her life forever. Laura WHO was taking adult dosages of medication, abandoned them determinedly to begin dance and picture herself as associate role player.

On her journey to new health she jumped in feet initial to associate play associate angel within the Christmas play ,"The Nativity Story".After graduation from the distinguished private school, Aiglon school in Switzerland, Laura took on the task of changing into a public servant in Asian nation, wherever she performed toil work, as well as building faculties, planting trees and carrying serious rocks to repair the intense erosion drawback, that hit the foothills of the mountain chain within the middle eighties.A versatile role player WHO has compete an excellent diversity of roles in her career, Harring's film credits embody "John Q" with Denzel Washington, "The King" opposite William Hurt, and The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory," opposite the legendary Raul Julia. Laura continually control her own.Laura was the primary Latina to ever win the Miss USA crown! Her passions embody dance, world traveling and Commedia Dell' Arte. She resides in l.  a.  , California.

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