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Serena Grandi - 1958

Serena Grandi (born on March 23, 1958 in Bologna, Italy) is an Italian actress, who was once voted the sexiest woman in Italy. Serena Grandi is the stage name for Serena Faggioli. Her voluptuous measurements have led to comparisons with fellow Italian bombshells Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, as well as the nickname the Italian Dolly Parton. She is perhaps most known for her starring roles in many erotic films directed by the famed Tinto Brass. In 1980, Serena got her first acting break with a supporting role in the comedy La Compagna di viaggio. But the movie that is often credited as her first film is Antropophagus (The Grim Reaper), a gory flick that received mixed reactions.The film that led to Serena being called the sexiest woman in Italy was Miranda (1985), directed by Tinto Brass. Serena played the title character, who loses her husband in World War II, and tests out other men as potential replacements. In the same year, Serena also starred in La Signora della Notte (Lady of the Night). Both of these films are noted for numerous scenes in which the busty Ms. Grandi bared all, with several full frontals, and a couple of almost-too-revealing crotch close-ups.Arguably, Serena Grandi's most erotic role is playing a housemaid in the 1987 French comedy L' Iniziazione (also known as Les Exploits d'un jeune Don Juan, or The Exploits of a Young Don Juan). When all the men in a country household are called away to war, the women become the objects of desire for young Roger (played by Fabrice Josso), who is left without any male competition.

At first his clumsiness with women leads to unsuccessful sexual attempts, but eventually Roger ends up having sex with all of the older women in his household, and impregnating them. When the men return from the war, Roger frantically tries to marry off the women and cover his tracks. Fabrice Josso was only 16 when he played Roger, and in his scene with Serena Grandi the film showed him suckling on her nipples. This particular interaction probably would not have survived American censors, but the film was never shown in the USA.The other major Serena Grandi film in 1987 is the giallo horror Delirium: Le Foto di Gioia. While she isn't nude quite as much as usual here, it does have a few topless scenes and some full frontal nudity.As the 80's wound down and the 90's started, Serena gradually shifted from starring to playing supporting roles, and her nude scenes became sparse. But fans could sometimes still find some brief glimpses of her famous mammaries, such as in the 1995 thriller La Strana Storia di Olga O. (The Strange Story of Olga O.). In 1998, director Tinto Brass reunited with Serena for the erotic yarn Monella (Frivolous Lola). There is a lot of nudity in that film, but Anna Ammirati is the actress supplying them, not Serena.In the late part of the 90's, she married Beppo Ercole, but they have since divorced. They have a son, Eduardo.
In 2005, Serena published her first book.

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