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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anica Dobra - 1963

Anica Dobra  was born on June 3, 1963 in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia. She is a Serbian actress of Serbian and German film.Yugoslav sex symbol, actress Anica Dobra, has had a remarkable career in domestic and German cinema. Close to eighty roles in television and the big screen made her the undisputed star status, although she has always avoided.Since its debut in the movie Pera Panker never ceases to captivate the attention of filmmakers and audiences. Image of the blonde with the attitude opened a new era of playing in a cult film of the same, collection center, Balkan Express, The Fall of Rock and Roll and Black Bomber.Although the combination of the Balkan temperament and Aryan beauty from the beginning of her career title femme fatale, her private life is not part of the scandal. An oasis of peace in a family finds happiness with his wife and daughter Mica Softic Minna, away from the prying eyes of the public.For successful completion of the previous year and the business and private life, but also because the audience breathless, the artist is listed on the list of Top 25 Female choice magazine Story.
In 2011 Anica is shining in the role of Baroness Castelli in the cult Miroslav Krleže piece, which premiered in early February in Studio 212 For the play director Jagoš Markovic asked the ticket more in all the former Yugoslav republics, Belgrade formed in the waiting list for the upcoming theater performances.In early June, one of the best Serbian actress celebrated her 48th birthday.Parallel to his career in Serbia, Anica engage and German directors, because of their excellent knowledge of the language but also the extraordinary beauty worthy of Brigitte Bardot, with whom he is often compared. Working on two film market is a good one of the highest paid Serbian actress.At the end of the premiere of the documentary feature film Frau Einstein, where charismatic artist portrays Mileva Maric, a Serb woman who was the first wife of Albert Einstein's part in the great discoveries of the famous scientist.

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