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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paola Senatore - 1949

Paola Senatore ( Rome , November 9 1949 ) is a former film actress Italian , best known for his roles in the seventies and eighties many genre films .
He was born in Rome to Calabrian parents. He studied in a convent school and at twenty he decided to pursue a career as an actress. After several film appearances, in 1975 she won a minor role in Salon Kitty , directed by Tinto Brass , with whom he would have even five years later, in Action . Meanwhile pose for various photo shoots.

After several film appearances (including those in Emanuelle in America and The gynecologist mutual of Joe D'Amato ), his career continues in genre films , particularly in the genre of sex comedy Italian-style : The night nurse , Where Can You Go Without the Little Vice? , This week at the beach and the doctor prefers sailors . In almost all of these cases, however, plays the lead role. It will also have a part in cannibal movie Eaten Alive! , directed by Umberto Lenzi in 1980 .

To compensate for the lack of money, plays roles in a variety of erotic films and also in a movie pornographic , do not stop getting dark in the room . Her film career ended September 13 1985 , when arrested for possession and trafficking of drugs, and sentenced to five months in prison in the Roman prison of Rebibbia which was followed by a year of house arrest . In its website, the actress says that the detention was able to bring it back to faith in God .

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