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Monday, December 9, 2013

Linda Hayden - 1953

Linda Hayden (born nineteen Jan 1953 in Stanmore, Middlesex) is associate degree English film and tv actor and also the sister of actor Jane Hayden. She is best notable for her roles in Seventies British horror films and sex comedies.Hayden trained with the Aida Foster stage faculty in terpsichore, singing and stage acting before creating her film debut at the age of fifteen within the contentious Baby Love (1968), enjoying a female child United Nations agency seduces her adoptive family. She next featured in 2 horror films; enjoying Alice Hargood in Hammer's style the Blood of Dracula, (1970), followed by a unforgettable performance because the demonically possessed Angel poet in Blood on Satan's Claw (1970), created by tiglon. In 1972, she vie a pregnant adolescent rider in one thing to cover, driving Peter oscine bird to murder and madness.

Hayden appeared opposite Robin Askwith, her then-boyfriend, within the in style sex comedies Confessions of a cleaner (1974), Confessions from a vacation Camp (1977) and, with Fiona Richmond, in Let's have a go at it (1978); in addition because the obscure cult film Queen Kong (1976). She additionally shared the stage with Askwith, in Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon's farce United Nations agency Goes vacant. Hayden and Richmond had antecedently appeared along within the heroic tale Exposé (1976), that was called Trauma within the USA and House on Straw Hill in Australia.Following a short role within the Boys from Brazil (1978), Hayden focused on stage and tv work, like the heroic tale Underground at Toronto's Royal Alexandra Theatre and London's aristocrat of Wales Theatre in 1983, in addition as a 1997 episode of The Bill.Now semi-retired, she featured as Mrs Brown in Martin Kemp's 2009 remake of Exposé, with Jane March enjoying Linda — Hayden's role within the 1976 original.

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