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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Susan Buckner - 1953


Susan Buckner is Associate in Nursing yankee film and tv histrion. before her acting career she was topped Miss Washington in 1971 and in Sep went on to become a prime 10 rival within the 1972 Miss America pageant (she tied for 1st within the bathing suit preliminary), that was eventually won by Miss Ohio Laurel Lea Schaefer. Her acting career is besprent with supporting roles in tv, stage, and film. Susan is perhaps best remembered for her role as highschool cheerleader "Patty Simcox" within the summer blockbuster of 1978 Grease major Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. She conjointly appeared together of The Krofftettes UN agency performed synchronous  swimming routines on The Brady Bunch selection Hour. the foremost recent look of Buckner was on Associate in Nursing episode of one vs. a hundred as a mob member.

As a result we are able to say quickly she got her huge break in 1971 as a dancer on Dean Martin's TV show, The Dino Paul Crocetti Comedy Hour (1965).Had supporting role within the Hardy Boys Nancy role player Mysteries (1977) TV series.Was a singer-dancer for idiot box Savalas before being solid in Grease (1978).Is a former Miss Washington.Best remembered within the screen version of Grease (1978) as "Patti Simcox", the preppy wonk lady.Was one in every of the synchronous  swimmers on The Brady Bunch selection Hour (1976).Directs children's theatre in Miami's Pinecrest primary school.

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