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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Michela Miti - 1963

Michela Miti, stage name of Michael Macaluso ( Rome , June 12 1963 ), is an ' actress and writer Italian .As a Sicilian father and mother of Tuscany, while on vacation with his parents on the Adriatic Riviera, in 1978 , took part in a beauty contest and is crowned Miss Riccione, getting immediately proposed to start a career as a fashion model.
In 1980 was hired by RAI for the lead heading into Game afternoon television program for children 3,2,1 ... connected! .
After posing nude for the Italian edition of Playboy in March 1981 , became famous for his participation in the films of Italian erotic comedy . He debuted in film in the vein of young Peter, she has been featured in several nude photo shoots, gracing the covers of magazines like Playmen and Blitz. Among the most successful film W seals , Come on jerk and Pierino Strikes Again , all of 1982 .

Following the decline of the Italian erotic comedy and favored by a return to the type of women's film "plus", the possibility of writing for her decreased noticeably. It is dedicated to erotic genre soft not as successful as hoped.
She returned to the stage in 1999 , in a play and in the film Gialloparma , both written by his friend Alberto Bevilacqua , without equaling the great popularity that had marked in the early eighties . In 2001 he wrote a collection of poems entitled Celestial Alchemy, published in the series Oscar Mondadori . In 2011 he published, again by Mondadori, another collection, entitled The lost innocence.She has recorded some music, such as the 45s Air festive piece then included in the collection The World of Coffee Bar (2005) of ZYX Music .

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  1. She is my favourite actress and I want to watch all of her movies.Plz provide me the movies