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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kate Bosworth - 1983

Lady with strange eyes is coming to life on Jan 2 1983, she is a beautiful American Actress,singer and model. She is that the solely kid of Patricia (née Potter), a homemaker, and Harold Bosworth, a former executive for Talbots. At the age of six, Bosworth's family resettled from san francisco to numerous elements of the country due to her father's job. She was raised primarily on the east coast, spending the rest of her youth in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Bosworth has always been inquisitive about a professional career as a competitive horse racer and, by the age of fourteen, she was a champion equestrian. She graduated from Cohasset highschool, in Cohasset, Massachusetts, in 2001.
Bosworth, born with heterochromia iridum, contains a hazel right eye and a blue left eye.

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